We support your school District and the community it serves by aligning facility planning to available funding, and then securing that funding.

Get funding

Whether it’s Local, State, or Federal funding, we understand what’s out there, and we show districts how to get it and how to keep it.  No matter how big or small your District is, we will work with you to discover opportunities and transform your facilities to match your vision. 

State School Facility Program: The Office of Public-School Construction (OPSC) accepts multiple eligibility methods for the State School Facility Program, and we explore every option to ensure your District maximizes its eligibility.  We are experts in all programs, including New Construction, Modernization, Career Technical Education Facilities Program (CTEFP), Facility Hardship, Financial Hardship, Seismic, Charter School Facility Program, Minimum Essential Facilities, and Full Day Kindergarten.

Eligibility: We know all the rules and regulations to ensure every angle to maximize your eligibility. 

Appeals: Sometimes a situation falls outside of the scope of regulations. When this happens we work with your District, The Office of Public-School Construction (OPSC), and other industry partners to appeal directly to the State Allocation Board to approve these special cases. 

Funding Strategy: Don’t let the funding dictate the facility! When it’s time, we’ll help you with planning, funding, and timing to effectively deliver the facilities you need.

Developer Fee Justification Studies: School districts can levy a Level I developer fee of $4.08 per square foot for residential and $0.66 per square foot for commercial/industrial development as long as justification is demonstrated. We prepare Level I developer fee justification studies to allow your District to collect these fees, or if additional requirements are met, we can prepare a more rigorous School Facilities Needs Analysis (Level II fees study) to collect higher fees.

Developer Fee Reporting: We assist in identifying the qualifying expenditures and use of developer fees for the preparation of the annual and five-year reporting requirements for developer fees. 

Facility Use Cost Recovery: Understanding the direct cost of the district’s facilities helps the district make the decision on how much to charge outside users for community use.  Recouping the costs helps to fund the maintenance of district facilities. 

Joint-Use: King assists districts in developing partnerships with local agencies and community groups that support the shared cost of facilities used by the community.

State Water Resources Control Board: We match school facility project scopes with the opportunities that are available for construction of municipal sewage and water recycling facilities, remediation for underground storage tank releases, watershed protection projects and clean drinking water.

Federal Emergency Management Agency: When a district is faced with a federal declared emergency, we help you through the process of maximizing the reimbursement from FEMA.

What they give to schools is so well-rounded. It’s a partnership between contractors, school districts, consultants. I’ve recommended them to so many people you can’t even imagine. They’re all awesome to work with, every single one of them.

Lynn Novak, Project Manager — Castro Valley Unified School District

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