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Say hello to your team.

King is a small, focused team of industry professionals with real-world experience.

We are master demographers, education professionals, and funding experts who know how school districts operate and what is needed to create success for communities and their children.

We are all about relationships: with our clients who become like family, with the Local/State/Federal agencies that are critical to all the services we provide, and with our industry partners that are working toward the goal of safe, inspired learning environments for all children.

We give clients our dedicated attention and understanding, and above all, we fiercely believe in equal access to education for all children.

This core belief resonates in the manner in which we run our firm and how we connect with our clients.

Jamie King-Iseman


cheryl king school funding

Cheryl King

Vice President of Philanthropy

Jennifer Gibb helps schools maximize their facilities funding

Jennifer Gibb

Vice President

Rob provides services to assist school districts with demographics, enrollment projections, and eligibility to maximize school facility funding.

Rob Murray

Director of Demographics and Planning

Evelyn has over 16 years of experience in school facility financing, serving as a liaison between school districts, architects, and State agencies.

Evelyn Shafer-King

Senior Funding Specialist

April Thompson

School Facilities Consultant

Rachael Kirk

Financial Analyst