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for your school District.

As a comprehensive school planning firm we strive, solve, and evolve to help secure new funding and identify planning opportunities for your school District.

King Consulting uses GIS, Demographics, Facility Planning, and Financial Services to help your district prosper.

Recognize potential by embracing change.

Every day it seems like laws, regulations, grants, and your District’s demographics are evolving and changing. It can feel paralyzing at times, but it can also present new opportunities that you may miss without a complete understanding of the landscape.

Let’s get to work

From demographics and facility planning to financial services and GIS projects, we think we’ve got what it takes to create clarity for your District and help you get the funding and planning solutions you need to prosper.

Every little thing we do.

King Consulting works with California school districts of all sizes.

King Consulting was established in 1997 by Vice President & Director of Philanthropy Cheryl King and President Jamie King-Iseman as a comprehensive school facilities consulting firm, and has assisted hundreds of school districts throughout California and the nation.

Everyone at King loves what they do and channels their enthusiasm into producing the highest quality work for our clients. King offers a wide array of consulting services in Demographics, Financial Services, and Facilities Planning.

Discover and plan

Demographics, facility planning, and geographic information systems

Get funding

Program eligibility, project finance planning, and developer fee justification studies

Build your future

Program application support, procurement processes, and DSA closeout

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As a full-service, comprehensive school planning firm, King offers a wide array of services to help your school District identify its planning and funding opportunities. Let us know how we can help!

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Grow new funding and planning opportunities for your school district with King Consulting's demographic, funding, and audit services.