We know you don’t get up every day to project populations and assess boundary mapping – that’s our job.

Discover and plan

Understanding your enrollment and demographic data will help you discover and plan for future opportunities, and tackle the obstacles that stand in your way.

Comprehensive Demographic Analyses: Our demographic studies identify local, regional, and State trends and culminate in a range of enrollment projections to guide districts’ facility planning efforts for the long and short term.

Enrollment Projections: Our projections create clear insight of enrollment trends, analyzing populations by school and grade while accounting for numerous influencing factors such as student cohort growth, local births, residential and commercial development, community demographics, economic trends, changes in neighboring school districts, and many more.

Resident Projections: We create projections of how many students live in different areas of your District, illustrating potential facility needs that may be overlooked when considering enrollment projections singularly.

Facility Capacity Analyses: Our detailed capacity calculations help districts operate to their full potential; we base these on current room uses and loading factors and take CDE optimal capacity and total maximum capacity into consideration.

Student Generation Studies: Your district has the potential to gain new students whenever new homes are built, and when existing homes are sold within its boundaries. We conduct student generation studies by housing type, age, price, and location to get an array of specific impact factors to tie to your pending development.

Residential Development Impact Analyses: It is crucial to know the number and type of units, and build-out timeline for all residential construction happening in and around your district so you know how many students will be generated, where, and when.

Developer Mitigation Negotiations and Agreements: Most California public school districts find that developer impact fees, both Level I and Level II, and State School Facility Program funding fall significantly short of the full cost to construct new school facilities required to accommodate students generated by new residential development.

King Consulting will use the information compiled in the Demographic Report and Facility Study to determine the full impact of planned residential development. King Consulting will support the school district, in tandem with its legal counsel, to successfully enter a “negotiated settlement” with developers, providing for an outcome that fully mitigates the development’s impact to school facilities. This process, when properly conducted, will ensure the District will have proper funding for its long-term facility needs.

Facility Master Plans: Our detailed facility master plans typically include demographic analysis, enrollment projections, and facility capacity analysis with a clear direction regarding facility needs and how they can be addressed. We’ll visit your school district and personally walk through each school site with your staff to prepare these plans.

Land Use Analyses: Our land use analysis highlights potential land development opportunities within your district with an emphasis on vacant properties that could lead to new housing.

Attendance Boundary Mapping: Many parents visit a school district’s website looking for information on which school their child is assigned to, and providing a clean, easy-to-read map is one of the simplest ways to efficiently communicate this information. We can provide large-format PDF maps appropriate for poster size hard copies or for digital users to zoom in for a high level of detail.

Attendance Boundary Adjustments, Including School Closures: Whenever a District needs to adjust its school boundaries, it is important to carefully plan to both create effective boundaries that meet multiple goals and to communicate with the community who is affected. King Consulting has experience with this process, whether it comes from the need to close schools, the opening of a new school, or simply balancing student populations to better align with facilities.

Trustee/Voting Area Mapping and Analyses: We utilize Census demographics to create or modify trustee areas for use in elections. Districts electing trustees at large are potentially vulnerable to legal challenge under the California Voting Rights Act if racially polarized voting has occurred; our creation of trustee areas eliminates this risk.

Rob Murray, our Director of Demographics and Planning offers a few words on how he approaches his work and what it means to him.

The entire King Consulting Team’s analytical skills, organizational abilities, work ethic, energy and creativity in tackling issues and evaluating alternatives will add immediate value.

Rob Mangewala, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services — Napa Unified School District

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