School Facilities hold so much potential; the environment your staff, students, and teachers create within these walls fuels the next generation.

Build your future

It takes teamwork to deliver on potential, and the opportunity to foster a teaching environment to encourage growth should not be overlooked, and it needs quality facilities to get there. Let’s amplify the potential of your community and build this future together.

State School Facility Program Application Support: From start to finish, we are here to tackle the complex process of the State School Facility Program. There are a multitude of funding opportunities for your District and we know where to look. 

California Department of Education Site and Plan Approval: Ensuring that your District’s sites and projects are within the California Department of Education’s standards are important for the overall success of your programs and longevity of your facilities.  We are here to help guide the district project team through the process of obtaining CDE site and plan approval as appropriate.

DSA Closeout: We assist districts with Division of State Architect closeout on prior projects closed without certification. 

Deferred Maintenance Planning: Building and maintaining your facilities are important for the future of your District.  Having a plan that outlines the timing and cost of maintenance helps district staff keep facilities in better shape for longer. 

Audit, Expenditure and Reporting Requirements: Thinking with the end in mind, our team assists your District in the project planning, construction, and closeout process.  Properly procuring, tracking, and reporting the project expenditures in alignment with the State Controller’s Office audit requirements is important to ensure your district keeps the funding it received.

Professional, quick to respond, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable — King saved the district money.

John Forney, Chief Facilities Officer — Capistrano Unified School District

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