From missed opportunity to secured funding


Castro Valley Unified School District serves one of the most diverse student bodies in Alameda County, with students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and local communities.

The District often struggles to secure extra funding, and because new opportunities don’t come around very often, knowing how to identify and capitalize on cashflow sources is of vital importance. For Castro Valley’s schools to flourish, smart demographic and financial planning is essential.

9,269 students

24:1 student/teacher ratio

The King approach

The District’s department is small. Alongside Project Manager Lynn Novak and the Director, there is only one other project manager and a couple of administrative staff. Identifying and applying for funding sources takes time and specialized expertise.

King took the burden off of department staff and systematically began unearthing historical data, quickly establishing eligibility where previously there was none.

If there was a State program that could help, they knew about it. From kindergarten to senior year, they left no stone unturned in the hunt for additional funding.

To have to do any of that legwork yourself is very arduous. King just goes at it and gets it done.

Lynn Novak
Project Manager

Understanding the relationship between community growth and construction eligibility dollars was one of the critical insights that King brought to the table.


Since King has been on the job, they have helped Castro Valley modernize its facilities, break ground on new construction, and harness funding opportunities that would otherwise have fallen to the wayside.

In two years, King identified and applied for over 15 million dollars in State Modernization and New Construction funding for other District capital facility projects. A successful Career Technical Education Facilities Program (CTEFP) grant secured an additional 3 million dollars in State funding to construct the new Engineering Design facilities at Castro Valley High School, with a second CTEFP grant bringing in another 1.7 million dollars to construct a new CTE Culinary facility at Castro Valley High School.

With so many great technical facilities in the works, it was clear Castro Valley Unified had a vision for their students. They just needed a partner able to identify and capitalize on cashflow sources to fund these facilities.