The State’s School Facility Program (SFP) is a vital funding source for many districts and we thought we would take a few minutes to answer some frequently asked questions about SFP.

Q: Where does the money come from?
A: The SFP is funded by state general obligation bonds. This means there is a set amount of money available after a bond is passed. When all funds from a bond are allocated, a new bond must then be passed.

Q: What types of projects does the SFP fund?
A: Each bond is different, but generally SFP funds new construction, modernization, and projects that address timely issues like overcrowding, facility hardship, Career Technical Education, Charter School Facilities, and more.

Q: What does my District need to participate?
A: In order to participate, your District needs to have an eligible project, an application, and approval for project plans by the Division of the State Architect, and California Department of Education.

Q: How does King help districts apply for SFP grants?
A: King can help your District apply for grants by assessing needs through facility audits and demographic planning, exploring every SFP option to ensure your District maximizes its eligibility, and by assisting with the application process, from initiation to audit close-out.

If you have more questions about the School Facility Program process, we would love to be of assistance. Feel free to reach out anytime.