Today, we’re shining the spotlight on King Associate, Jessika Morrison!

A Passion for Helping Others

Jessika’s journey to King is both unique and inspiring. With a background in marriage and family therapy, she initially worked with children who had experienced trauma and anxiety disorders. While deeply fulfilling, this work was also incredibly stressful. Seeking a new way to help people, Jessika transitioned to the field of education, driven by her passion for learning and her desire to support public schools.

“I loved being a student and soaking up knowledge. I wish I could just go back to college as my career,” Jessika shared. This passion for education eventually led her to King, where she felt she could make a meaningful impact without the emotional toll of therapy.

Embracing New Challenges

In her current role, Jessika works primarily in demographics alongside her mentor, Rob Murray, and is also delving into the funding side of the business. “I love that I get to use the full capacity of my brain because it’s a super challenging job that requires hyper-focus and attention to detail,” she explained. Jessika values the sense of humor and camaraderie among her colleagues, which makes coming to work enjoyable.

Interests and Hobbies

Outside of work, Jessika is a self-proclaimed “nerd” with a love for reading, writing poetry and fictional stories, and learning to play the piano. She also enjoys spending time with her nearly two-year-old daughter, Klaire, who is named after a character from the historical fiction book and TV series, Outlander.

A fun fact about Jessika that many might not know is her impressive background in martial arts. She was a martial arts instructor and earned her black belt in Taekwondo at 18. She even competed to be an Olympic fighter, reaching the qualifiers before deciding to pursue college instead.

Aspirations and Inspirations

Jessika’s dedication to continuous learning is evident in her professional aspirations. “I want to learn everything related to King, from demographics to funding, so I can help in any situation that arises,” she said. She is particularly inspired by the women leaders at King and is proud to work in a women-owned company that is paving the way for women in the school planning field.

Looking to the future, Jessika aims to be a role model for her daughter, proving that women can indeed have it all—a successful career, a loving relationship, and a fulfilling family life.

“I want to learn everything related to King, from demographics to funding, so I can help in any situation that arises.”

Jessika Morrison

Jessika’s story is a testament to the diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our team at King. We are proud to have her as part of our family and look forward to seeing her continue to grow and thrive in her role!