We can’t help but gush about how grateful we are for each of our teammates at King. Today we want to highlight our wonderful Funding Associate, Rachael Kirk!

Work that’s Worth the Effort

A finance professional since 2007, Rachael started her career as a mortgage loan underwriter and made the move to King in 2021. Here, she focuses on developer fee studies, modernization eligibility updates, and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) applications, all of which require a keen sense of organization and perseverance! But she’s glad to have made the move. Rachael says, “King is so much more rewarding because you’re helping kids and schools. It’s [also] definitely challenging; I’m learning something every day.”

Rachael notes that working on modernization updates is an exercise in resourcefulness. School facilities in California are eligible to apply for additional modernization funds every 20-25 years, on a per-facility basis. This means these applications need an exceptional amount of detail. Rachael uses records from schools, architects, and Google Maps to build a complete view of which buildings are eligible for funding and when.

Applications for other types of funding, like TK funds, warrant a similar amount of perseverance. Sometimes a school won’t qualify for funds on the first try, so King helps them try again. For instance, Rachael helped clients apply for TK funds in August and they re-applied this February. While it takes patience, the persistence often pays off and results in an accepted application. “It’s so exciting when [schools] get funded.”

Up for a Challenge

Rachael appreciates having fun and facing a good challenge in her personal life as well. A Crossfitter for 8 years, Rachael ran a full, traditional marathon last year. This year she hopes to tackle a full trail running marathon, upping the challenge from racing on pavement.

She also loves spending time with her daughter. They have a boat and love to get out on the lake. Rachael notes, “I’m pretty outdoorsy.” That probably explains her adventurous activities!

“It’s so exciting when schools get funded.”

Rachael Kirk

Whether she’s crunching numbers or hitting the trail, Rachael is energetic and tenacious and we are delighted to work with her at King!