Lately, we’ve been taking the time to highlight King’s growing staff. Today, we’re celebrating our Operations & Business Development Associate, Nicolene Shalita!

Uniting the Technical with the Personal

Nicolene’s work at King balances the technical and the personal aspects of facilities funding. She focuses on business development, internal support, and California Department of Education (CDE) applications, using her people skills and expertise in finance and geography.

Nicolene has developed her technical expertise through her education and a background in financial services. She holds a BA in Geography, with a focus on Physical Geography and Geospatial Technology. Leveraging geospatial technology requires a strong ability to organize and analyze data, something that is key in the work at King. A typical facilities funding application requires extensive documentation. Nicolene notes, “Every District is so unique and different. I love learning all of the nuances throughout each application.”

As a complement to this technical ability, Nicolene also embraces King’s distinctive approach to client care. Getting to know clients and digging into what they need is important to her, “we really get to know our clients – understanding their needs on a professional level and personal. Our relationship with our clients is something I feel other companies don’t strive to have.”

Finally, Nicolene appreciates that facilities funding can work quietly in the background and still make a massive impact on students and communities. For example, King is currently working on the paperwork to help a charter high school obtain a site. It will probably be five years before the school is built and it is not directly associated with instruction. But, in the long term, the school will have a better facility that can serve thousands of students for years to come.


Nicolene has a zest for learning and having varied experiences beyond the office. She loves staying active, regularly goes to the gym, is in a bocce league, roller skates, and is learning her way around a pool table and darts on the weekend. She is our “go to” for recommendations in trying new restaurants and music.

We enjoy how outgoing Nicolene is. She makes the most of all that Sacramento offers, connecting with people everywhere she goes, keeping a rich social life, and will stop to pet just about any animal she sees.

“We really get to know our clients on a personal level.”

Nicolene Shalita

There’s a lot to appreciate about Nicolene. We love her enthusiasm, her technical expertise and her friendly approach to client care. Thanks, Nicolene!