Today we are continuing to acknowledge our awesome teammates with a highlight on our Senior Funding Associate. Celebrate Evelyn Shaefer-King with us!

Motivated by helping others

After 20 years working in facilities funding, Evelyn knows both how challenging and rewarding the field can be. But for her, the highs far outweigh the lows, “I love helping people…It drives me to keep doing what we are doing.”

As Senior Funding Associate, Evelyn is committed to making the funding process as easy as possible for King’s clients. She notes, “we’re doing all this work for our kids and it doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock. Everyone has my cell number…the world of funding is not easy to navigate; I want to take the burden off [district staff].”

Collaboration is foundational to Evelyn’s approach. She begins each client’s funding application process by working with the district to assess its needs. Factors that Evelyn and other King staff look at include enrollment changes, existing facilities, desired programs, and past and future construction projects. After assessing their needs, Evelyn recommends relevant funding programs to districts and assists them with funding applications.

This collaborative, holistic approach extends beyond working with clients to cooperation with the rest of the King team. According to Evelyn, “Even though we all have our specialties, we work collectively. Everything we do is connected with each other.”

Continuity of caring

When she’s not working, much of Evelyn’s time is still defined by building connections with others. Spending time with her kids and grandkids is a top priority and she loves serving in the community. Helping neighbors or community members during the holidays is one of her favorite ways to give back.

Evelyn also appreciates the simple pleasures in life. She likes running, cycling, and trying new recipes and wines. Her spouse is actually a chef, so they frequently get to enjoy new culinary experiences together!

“I love helping people…It drives me to keep doing what we are doing.”

– Evelyn Shaefer-King

For Evelyn, connectedness is an important value on and off the clock. This mindset is part of what makes her so committed to helping King’s clients, whatever their need. Thank you, Evelyn!