The world of school funding is constantly changing and there’s always more to learn. That’s part of why we love it! Today we’re sharing with you about developer fees and what they can mean for your District.

Q: What are they?
A: When a commercial or residential development project is built in your District, it can impact enrollment and facility usage in nearby school districts. If this is the case, districts should qualify to be paid fees from the developer. These fees are then used to fund school facilities

Q: How can my District qualify?
A: First, there needs to be new development in your District. If your District can demonstrate that the nearby development will generate new students, a Level I or Level II (Level II provides additional funding) fee may be levied to assist with facilities costs associated with those students.

King is able to prepare fee justification studies for Level I or Level II programs to see if your District qualifies. Alternatively, if you are unsure if construction is happening in your area, we can conduct a residential development impact analysis.

As with all of our projects, we connect these studies to your District’s larger, longterm goals. You can learn more about our comprehensive approach here. Or, you can contact us and share your questions with our team.