King stands apart in the school consulting

industry for many reasons.

Why Choose King?

King Consulting is a full service, comprehensive school planning firm. We offer a wide array of services to assist school districts of all sizes across California and the nation with their school planning needs and funding opportunities.

We’re Small, but Mighty

Most importantly, we are a small firm staffed with only highly experienced and enthusiastic experts. While we excel at managing and summarizing data, we shine when it comes to presenting our findings and results. We are always excited for the opportunity to meet in person or over the phone to clearly explain anything needed to our clients’ staff, school board, and community. Our clients receive information within a broader context that includes full narrative explanations that school district staff and school board members repeatedly reference throughout the year.

We Get You the Most Money

When we work for our clients to obtain State funding or to justify Level 1 or Level 2 developer fees, they can rest assured that King Consulting has exhausted every possibility before submitting impeccably prepared documents that deliver maximum returns. We take the time to approach these complex cases from multiple angles before pursuing the right one for each client individually.

Location and Proximity

Further, as a Sacramento-based corporation, King Consulting has well established and maintained contacts at all of the relevant California state agencies for public school districts. Our proximity allows us to submit documents or schedule meetings quickly, an asset we frequently utilize on behalf of our clients.

Personal relationships

We take pride in the relationships we form with our clients. We care about our school districts, and we get to know them intimately in the course of our work. This is why so many of our clients work with us year after year: King Consulting digs deeper and tries harder in every aspect of our work because we become personally invested in the districts we get to work with. We will always go that extra mile! Best of all, when you need us, we are always there: when you call King Consulting, our project managers are the ones picking up the phone.

For any size of school district, from a single school building to a hundred, King Consulting is the firm who will provide maximum value for any sort of project. Please see our services page for a full list of what we can do to assist you today!

Established in 1997


King Consulting was established in 1997 by current President Cheryl King and Vice President Jamie King-Iseman as a comprehensive school facilities consulting firm. King Consulting has assisted hundreds of school districts throughout California and the nation since that time.

King has grown with time, but remains a small, client-focused firm with offices in Sacramento and Chico. Everyone at King loves what they do and uses their enthusiasm to produce top quality studies and to secure maximum funding for school districts. King offers a wide array of consulting services in Demographics and Facilities Planning, Financial Services, Geographic Information Systems Projects, and DSA Closeout work. We look forward to hearing from you and including our work you in our ongoing successful history!

Say hello to your team

Cheryl King


Ms. King has prepared hundreds of facility master plans for districts of various sizes in California in the past 32 years. Ms. King obtained her BS in Education and her MS in Education. She also completed her coursework for her PhD. at Michigan State University. Her work experience includes teaching at the high school and college level, and grant writer/administrator for the Butte County Arts Commission. She works closely with school district staff as well as community committees, extensively analyzes district and community demographics and facilities in order to prepare a “map” to guide the district’s decisions over the next ten years.

office: 530.899.9765
cell: 530.519.9764

Jamie King-Iseman

Vice President

Mrs. Iseman will be the demographic/population specialist assigned to your project. Ms. Iseman obtained her Masters in Geography with an emphasis in GIS and Population Demographics from the University of South Carolina. Mrs. Iseman has 15 years of experience in assisting over 50 school districts with demographic and planning analyses, including meetings with district and community committees, preparation of reports and scenarios for student populations and sites, redistricting/consolidation of current schools to balance enrollments, and locational analysis of new school sites.

office: 916.706.3538
cell: 916.505.6149

Evelyn Shafer-King

Senior Funding Specialist

Ms. Shafer has over 16 years of experience in the school facility financing arena. She specializes in securing facilities funding for school Districts throughout the State of California. Ms. Shafer conducts extensive research and analyzes all available facility funding options in order to maximize funding opportunities for her districts. Ms. Shafer serves as a liaison between school districts, architects, and State agencies to secure funding for eligible projects in a timely manner.

In addition, Ms. Shafer also prepares Level I Developer Fee Justification Studies and School Facility Needs Assessments to assist Districts in mitigating the impact of students generated from residential and commercial development projects.

office: 530.899.9765
cell: 530.588.3414

Rob Murray

Executive Project Manager

Rob Murray is a Project Manager with JM King Consulting. He has over ten years of experience working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), conducting spatial analysis in a large variety of professional applications and settings. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with an emphasis in GIS from Arizona State University in 2003, and followed that with a Master of Science in Geography from the highly rated graduate program at the Pennsylvania State University in 2005.

Mr. Murray then worked for five-plus years at HDR in Folsom, California as part of the Water Resources division, leading GIS teams on large, federally funded projects involving flood risk assessment, as well as numerous state and local projects involving water resource management and habitat preservation. He then transitioned to a career in the public education sector, working with the San Juan Unified School District and Sacramento City Unified School District, becoming adept at using GIS and other analytical tools to project enrollment trends, adjusting attendance boundaries as populations and school capacities changed, and reporting on pertinent demographics at the request of senior District leadership.

office: 916.706.3538
cell: 916.221.0786

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